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Operational Delivery


The reality is that success is iterative and has to be delivered by changing cultural habits and ways of working.

We know how to make that happen - turning design thinking into practical resilient systems that actually work and add value.



Proving Trials to build operational confidence

Proving trials are a great way of creating momentum to deliver a great experience. Different teams get the opportunity to practice working together and understanding how they are going to work differently and with each other. This reduces risk and ensures processes and people are fit for purpose. In time, this is refined to deliver the business benefits outlined in the brief.

This also allows change to be handled in a measured and controlled way enabling the teams to focus on what matters - customers.

Operational Readiness

The lead-up to go-live can be fraught as many teams and processes are brought into delivery in one go.

We are specialists at planning and delivering operational change to deliver a successful launch. We understand the capabilities and interfaces necessary to have a successful day-1.

This includes governance, training, countdown and command and control.

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Training and Development

Developing and preparing for people for change is one of the most important things to do. People often make the experience come alive but are sometimes considered too late in the programme yet takes years to deliver.

We have years of experience at delivering large training programmes for thousands of people. These can be from behavioural, attitudinal and technical through to induction and familiarisation. We have a range of associate trainers who have a blend of the theory and leadership skills necessary to engage and motivate teams of people.

Operational Review / Lessons Learnt

Once a programme has been implemented many organisations sometimes neglect to properly reflect and review how the programme was delivered and what recommendations could be passed on to successive programmes. We have always been perplexed why this is the case. Often organisations think they have learnt the lessons or people have ‘moved on’. In addition ‘institutional memory’ can be temporary and points need to continuously reiterated, usually on a 3-6 month cycle.

We have produced and delivered many reports and workshops to understand these issues and ensure they are integrated into future programmes, particularly in the planning and delivery phases.

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Organisational Design

Alignment is a word that seems to keep cropping-up. If you get your teams lined up behind the organisational goals then you are setting yourself up for success. Undertaking tasks in a planned sequential fashion produces great clarity. When communicating and bringing it to life is much easier, given the 2-3 year cycles necessary to deliver it.

We work in partnership with others to deliver this change; understanding required skills, scope breadth and governance.


Everyone does change. But, we develop trust with the people we work with, allowing change to happen in a controlled, respectful and sustainable way. Ensuring that operating models are fully adopted and resilient.

One client said ‘they get people to do things they don’t want to do’.



Continuous Improvement

Harnessing the insights from customers and employees yields significant value if you take the time and effort to really listen to what they think. Often the feedback can be contradictory or myopic, but hidden in the sentiment are some great ideas and reflections on the thousands of interactions people have.

We have found that some simple continuous improvement processes can yield quite rapid change, provided the governance and protocols are in place.

In the end it’s all about developing a coaching culture. Giving people the confidence and tools to make it happen.


Operational Delivery Case Studies

What we do


Experience design

We know how to get to the bottom of what customers really want.


Organisational change

Acting as an integrator to align the organisation to deliver the experience and add value.


Operational delivery

Turning the vision into operational reality and realising the business benefits.