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Understanding what makes a great visitor experience that delivers a viable business model

We hold regular events to bring people together to discuss this topic and what practical steps organisations take to make it happen. Our last event was hosted by the Roman Baths.

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The best visitor destinations aren’t just for visiting.

Rather, they have the potential to create significant cultural, social, environmental and financial value –now, and for years to come. They can connect with and inspire hard-to-reach audiences. They can generate income and improve livelihoods. They can experiment, innovate and pioneer change.

But how?

On the 12th September 2018, we co-hosted an evening seminar with the Roman Baths with speakers from Longleat, the Roman Baths, the National Trust and the Eden Project. Together, they answered the question:

How do we balance the competing demands of providing the best possible visitor experience whilst protecting assets for future generations and making a commercial return?.

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Our discussions

More details and how to book online can be found here.

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We will be running more Resilience in Design workshops later this year.