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Active Thinking specialise in Customer Experience Design to create fluid, fulfilling and highly functional spaces in the built environment.


We believe that the best design solutions come from a thorough understanding of people. That’s why we always collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to meet the brief. In this way, we create spaces that are a joy to be in, and can even improve the lives of those who use them.

Active Thinking has a broad range of experience across transport, health, retail and visitor attractions. Most recently, we have led many Operational Readiness projects at Heathrow for the Olympics and opening of Terminal 2. We also have a strong operational background, which means we turn designs into practical, resilient systems that actually work.

Throughout our work, we aspire to a built environment that balances inspiration and beauty with pragmatism and profitability. By getting to the bottom of what really matters to customers and other stakeholders, we can find ways to minimise operational cost, optimise way-finding and people flow, increase brand impact and revenue and improve overall space-use.

My personal expertise lies in understanding how people interact with environments, understand instructions and align with process. My experience spans day-to-day operations, strategy and customer experience design, and I’m comfortable starting from scratch or working from a legacy. I particularly enjoy the challenge of building a team to design and implement a programme that delivers long-lasting improved customer experience.

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